Recurrent ankle sprains are extremely frustrating, debilitating and expensive to treat as well! In fact, in the U.S alone, around 2 million sprains occur each year, with per sprain setting the patient back by $318 to $914! It should also be noted that most people use simple home remedies to get rid of the pain simply because of the astronomical medical bills that are associated with sprains. Here are some effective details on ankle sprains treatment in Chiropractic Therapy:

What causes recurrent ankle sprains?

The ankle very susceptible to injury, especially if frequently engage in activities which require side-to side-motion. Because of this, recurrent sprains are extremely common in sportspersons. An ankle sprain is caused when the ligaments are overstretched due to the awkward movement of the legs and the feet. Other factors which may cause ankle sprains are:

  • Weak tendons and muscles.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Footwear with improper heel support or wearing high-heeled shoes frequently.
  • A sudden spike in physical activity after leading a sedentary lifestyle for a long time.
  • Stepping on uneven surfaces.
  • Excessive stress on the ankle.


The ankle, unlike other body parts, is not a muscular joint. On the contrary, it is dependent on three sets of ligaments for support.  As a result, the ankle does not recover from a sprain easily and movement might still be affected even after several weeks. Sprains might also damage the nerve receptors which send signals to the brain about the positioning of the feet. This might lead to more injuries and sprains in the affected area.

Chiropractic Therapy for Sprains

According to a study conducted by researchers from Durban University, chiropractic care can help in preventing recurrent ankle sprains.  It can also provide short-term pain relief and lead to improved mobility of the affected area.

A Chiropractor Treats a Player’s Ankle Sprain through Manipulation
A Chiropractor Treats a Player’s Ankle Sprain through Manipulation

Many people are under the notion that chiropractic treatment can only help problems associated with the back and the spine. But this is not so! There are a number of bones and joints in the foot and ankle and even a little misalignment can lead to sprains and tears.

Along with this, misalignments may also hamper neural communication.  Your local chiropractor can help fix these misalignments through adjustments and manipulation of the affected area. They will also recommend proper exercises to strengthen the ankle to prevent future sprains.

The chiropractor will conduct a physical examination and ascertain the severity of the damage caused to the tendons and ligaments. After this,  he/she will determine the future course of treatment which will involve non-invasive methods, such as ultrasound, heat and cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. After the inflammation subsides,  proper chiropractic care will be provided to prevent the recurrence of ankle sprains.

If left untreated, ankle sprains can cause significant long-term damage such as early arthritis. So it would be advisable to opt for chiropractic treatment as soon as possible.

Best Chiropractic Care for Recurrent Ankle Sprains in Clive, Iowa

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