Senior citizens are extremely susceptible to having dry joint sockets, brittle bones, arthritis and intense back pain. Additionally, reduced bone density and a weak spine restrict their locomotor abilities which may lead to balance issues. But visiting a chiropractor for geriatric care can bring about significant positive changes in their physical well-being.

Here are three great benefits of receiving professional chiropractic care in old age:


Reduces muscle stiffness and alleviates pain

Chiropractors encourage senior citizens to exercise lightly every day. This eradicates stiffness caused by sitting for arthritis-natural-remedies-elderly-seniors-wrist-hand-joint-painlong periods of time. Additionally, pain management techniques equip them with the skills to strengthen back muscles as well as get relief from pain naturally.

Older adults are more likely to suffer from a herniated disc, chronic back pain, and spinal stenosis as well. These can be caused by misaligned vertebrae which can cause osteoarthritis and multiple fractures. However, chiropractors can diagnose the real underlying problems and perform required spinal adjustments to anesthetize the pain. Periodic adjustments are necessary during old age to fight crippling joint and muscle pains.

Improved balance


Due to reduced bone density, aged people find it difficult to support themselves. Also, locomotor ability is greatly restricted due to the weakened connections between the brain and receptors which help the brain understand how to navigate through space. This is what leads to slipping and falling accidents.

Many chiropractors go for Spine Manipulative Therapy (SMT) which is extremely helpful in such cases. Chiropractic care also improves the connections between the receptors and the brain which results in better movement and increased stability.


Better Mental and Physical Health


According to a 1996 study by Dr. Ian Coulter from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, senior citizens who received chiropractic care were less likely to suffer from arthritis. Hospital stays also went down. So it is also significant as a preventive measure against illnesses and joint degenerative diseases

At Sweers Family Chiropractic, we specialize in geriatric care and treating injuries and pain with non-invasive techniques. We use a range of alternative therapies to enhance the quality of life of senior citizens. These interventions include, but are not limited to spine adjustments, exercise, nutritional counselling, assisted soft tissue mobilization and acupuncture. Visit us to learn preventive techniques today.

Here Is Why Chiropractic Therapy Can Be The Best Care For Seniors
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