Congratulations! In a few weeks, you’re going to welcome a new member in your family. Having a baby is an exciting experience but along with this, your body also goes through a whole lot of changes, including the baby bump!

With an increase in weight, the center of gravity shifts during pregnancy to make space for the fetus. This musculoskeletal change strains the back muscles and the vertebrae. The ligaments also loosen up to prepare the body for birth.

Consequently, balance and stability become an issue and muscle cramps start wreaking havoc on a perfectly normal day! All these irritants can be dealt with some drugs prescribed by your doctor, simple exercises, and a healthy diet. But before you start exercising, it’s advisable to take the help of a professional chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy wellness.


Meeting up with the local chiropractor will ensure your mental and physical well-being during pregnancy. This will prepare you for labor and will also facilitate an uncomplicated delivery.

Here are two more benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy:

Eliminates Pain and Relieves Tension

Backaches, swollen feet, stomach cramps are common complaints of soon-to-be moms. In fact, 50% of pregnant women report back pain at some point during their pregnancy. This is because as the uterus expands, it puts additional pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels. But these can easily be tackled with chiropractic care.

With nutritional counseling for pregnancy, alternative therapies, and personalized exercises, pain in the joints, back, hip and neck can be eliminated without medicines which could be harmful to the baby.

Reduces Risk of Complications

Chiropractic care right from the initial stages of pregnancy could facilitate natural birth and reduce the need for a cesarean section. Childbirth can become complicated due to a poorly aligned pelvis and weak spine. This restricts the baby’s gradual movement towards the birth canal when it prepares itself for delivery during the final weeks of pregnancy.

With proper prenatal care, this can be avoided. Proper and safe exercises recommended by your chiropractor will make your pelvic muscles balanced and stronger for delivery. Alignment of the pelvis will also help the baby to move into delivery position, thereby ensuring a much faster delivery. Although it has many proven benefits, speak to your healthcare provider to know if chiropractic care will be safe for you and your baby.

At Sweers Family Chiropractic, we have our patients’ best interests at heart and this is why we specialize in non-invasive interventions. Chiropractic care is usually reliable and effective in ensuring a healthier pregnancy and safe and quick childbirth. It also elevates mood and stabilizes the body during those nine months! We’d love to help you out so contact us today to obtain our services.

Here is Why Pregnant Women Need the Best Chiropractic Care
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